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My Little Cupcake, Unwrapped

Many of you have seen us at the farmer's market. In fact, we have probably had a conversation or two. Allow us to introduce ourselves:

I'm Kaycee. I am the baker. I am the one you call, text, e-mail or Facebook message. I take care of all the social media. Before My Little Cupcake, LLC., I was a stay-at-home-mom of 3 kids and a full-time college student. After 7 years, I finally graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. It took me so long because I am so indecisive. One day, my husband looked at me and told me I needed to start making decisions-he was serious. Thus, My Little Cupcake was born a week after I graduated college! It was impromtu, but the best decision I have ever made. A cupcake business may sound odd since I have no formal pastry training, but I have 3 kids. We bake and bake and bake!

Meet Frankie. He is the big guy behind our table or the one delivering your cupcakes. He does all the packaging, lifting, late night grocery shopping, accounting stuff, deliveries and anything else that I need. What a great guy!

So, we are a husband and wife duo. We love baking with our kids, but we were baking together before they came along. We've been baking for a decade. We really believe that some of the best memories are made in the kitchen.

We encourage you to set aside an hour a day, week or even month to bake with someone. Bake with your spouse, your kids, your mother, your friends or even you cat. There's just something so satisfying about being in the kitchen and watching something appear from nothing. You created it, together.

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