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How we started


We are a husband and wife duo who love baking together.  We have been doing it as a hobby for a decade!  In the spring of 2014 we decided to share our hobby with you guys...


The Bridgeport Farmer's Market and the market goers welcomed us with arms wide opened.  We quickly realized that this was what we are supposed to be doing.  Our business has grown drastically since the start of the market in May of 2014.  Valentine's Day 2015 we were blessed to open a storefront in downtown Clarksburg. 


In 2018 we relocated to Main Street in Bridgeport where we currently offer at least 8 different cupcake flavors along with other sweet treats baked daily in the shop.

Frankie and I (Kaycee), still work as a duo in the shop.  We pride ourselves in quality and customer service.  We deal directly with you.  We have made so many great friendships over the year and have been apart of some great celebrations.  We are excited to continue to share the sweetness with you.



Thanks to Mountain Craft Productions for the picture from our first Market!


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